fox themes campground site marker in from of porched cabin

Are you looking for new and innovative ways to mark your campsites? We’re here to help you reinvent your signage and improve your site markers to stand out among the crowds. We’ve included tips and tricks with cost-effective, efficient, and creative solutions to help your guests identify your sites easily and in style.

Traditional Site Markers

Let’s start with a classic. The first marker that probably comes to mind when thinking of campsite signage is presumably the wooden post marker. This traditional signage has been used since the beginning and has a clean and straight-forward look. Rethink this original by adding a customizable mount. Unique shapes, colors, prints, fonts, and other design elements will enhance this classic look. This company specializes in handcrafted wooden signs.

In this case, however, classic doesn’t always stand the test of time. In harsh climates, wear and tear can mean replacing these posts frequently throughout the seasons. Over time you may experience rotting, insect damage, and an overall diminished appearance. We recommend using materials such as recycled plastic lumber, metal, or fiberglass. Not only are these cost-effect, but they also incorporate a modern look while holding up better in harsh environments. These materials will help keep your posts looking newer for longer.

Incorporating Outdoor Decor

Let your surroundings inspire your creativity by using natural materials as site markers. Campsites with wooded settings and tree stumps are great for attaching tags, which can tie in an extra rustic charm. Larger stones can add a unique touch with various sizes and allow for painting or engraving numbers as an alternative. Other uncommon objects could include flower pots, whiskey jugs, or chalk paint. Think outside the box – incorporating outdoor decor can help your campsite feel like home. Click here to learn more about the company that created the signs at Colden Lakes Resort in New York.

Left: Alpen Rose RV Park, CO; Right: Colden Lakes Resort, NY


Tried-and-True Site Markers

You’re probably very familiar with the tried-and-true electrical box marker. This low-maintenance and efficient method is commonly used in RV parks, and we’ve got tips for this marking method, too. When marking electrical boxes, is it important to make your numbers as clear and easy to read as possible. Try larger prints and bold colors to ensure sites are recognizable from a distance. Reflective stickers are great for late-night arrivals, or you can add a solar light to boost visibility and illuminate your site at night.

Hidden Valley RV Park, TX


Make Your Mark

Customize the shape of your site markers and include your logo to really stand out. Including your park’s logo—or at the very least a color scheme and font that matches your brand—will leave your park’s lasting impression. Not only will this approach help your guests associate your logo with your campground, but it will also add a more polished look to each of your sites and a cohesive look to your park. Although this might seem like a small touch, it can really tie together your park’s appearance and make it memorable.

Left: Moonshine Acres RV Park, FL; Right: Aloha Beach RV Resort, TX


Lasting Impressions

Make your marker unforgettable. Whether your taste is more traditional or you want to start thinking outside the electrical box, unique site markers can assist in elevating your campground’s brand and grabbing your guests’ attention for good. Choose bold prints, creative designs, and custom logos to make your marker standout.

Launch Pointe Recreation Destination & RV Park, CA