Safety First: How Campspot’s SOC 2 Certification Protects Your Campground

Campspot’s on a mission to make happy campers—which is why we’re committed to providing a secure solution for our campground owners and managers so that they can focus on delighting their guests. When it comes to prioritizing security for our customers (and their customers!), we believe in making the right investments, such as employing Campspot team members dedicated entirely to governance and compliance, and securing trusted third-party industry certifications for our product and services. We strive to follow industry best practices and select and build tools that adhere to industry guidelines in an effort to continuously improve our security. That’s where SOC 2 comes in!

What is SOC 2?

Pronounced “sock two,” SOC 2 stands for “service organization control 2.” Which might still sound a little confusing….Essentially, it is a voluntary compliance standard that’s used to evaluate software as a service organizations such as Campspot. The standards were formed by the American Institute of CPAs (AICPA) to help organizations manage customer data. The compliance standards assess five key areas:

  • Security
  • Availability 
  • Processing integrity 
  • Confidentiality
  • Privacy 

Why Is SOC 2 Important for my Campground Business?

To obtain SOC 2 Compliance, it means that a company has demonstrated that it maintains a high level of information security. This means that Campspot has rigorous controls and policies in place to protect our customers (and their customers) information.

What’s the Difference Between SOC 2 Type 1 and Type 2?

According to the AICPA, a type 1 report includes “management’s description of a service organization’s system and the suitability of the design of controls,” and type 2 reports “on management’s description of a service organization’s system and the suitability of the design and operating effectiveness of controls.”

Our VP of Finance & Governance, Jill Mast breaks it down in layperson’s terms:

SOC 2 Type 1

This is confirmation that we have controls and policies in place that adhere to the AICPA’s guidelines.

SOC 2 Type 2

This goes one step further where they audit the effectiveness of these controls and policies and tests to ensure that what is in place is being followed and is performing as intended.

What About SOC 1? What’s the Difference Between SOC 1 and SOC 2?

SOC 1 reports are more focused on financial controls, whereas SOC 2 focuses more on organizational areas related to operations and compliance.

Which Types of Certification Does Campspot Have?

SOC certification is a long and rigorous process. As of June 30, 2022, Campspot is SOC 2 Type 1 certified. We also maintain compliance with the Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002 (SOX Compliance).

What Does Campspot Do to Maintain that Certification?

Our dedication to safety and security doesn’t stop at certification. We’ll be reviewing our processes annually in order to ensure continued compliance.

“Campspot monitors, corrects, and improves its internal processes that we have put into place during the SOC 2 Type 1 audit. These processes include code reviews for production changes, auditing workflows from when code is committed to Campspot’s repositories until it goes live on our production servers, and ensuring only authorized, authenticated personnel have access to customer data.  We’re also performing additional disaster recovery and business continuity operations in order to validate that all our customer data is accurate and correct across our backups and data centers.  Additionally, we have stronger policies in place around removing customer data, both upon request and for those customers who no longer do business with Campspot.” – Aaren Twedt, Governance and Compliance Lead

What’s Next for Campspot’s Security?

Campspot’s next step is to be SOC 2 Type 2 certified. We are actively working toward SOC 2 Type 2 certification and are eager to let our community know when we reach that milestone.


Want to learn more about how Campspot prioritizes security and makes happy campers? Request a demo below to chat with a campground reservations software expert. To request our SOC 2 Type 1 Compliance report for the full nitty-gritty details, reach out today!

Get Certified With Campspot

Learning a new tool is never easy; becoming a super-user is even harder. Add to that the time it takes to train new employees every season. Enter the Campspot Certification program! It’s a self-guided training course that’s designed to help users (old and new alike) navigate the software.

We know how much easier it is to use a system that you know well. It saves time on tasks that might otherwise be time consuming. This course is meant to help you learn how to use Campspot, and all its time-saving, revenue-generating features with ease, no matter what you need to do. From logging in and resetting your password, to editing reservation details, invoice amounts, and guest profiles, to creating rules for pricing, occupancy, and more, this program covers it all.

Become a Campspot Wizard

Each module contains written and video content. Trainees will also receive access to the Campspot demo environment where they can practice the workflows covered in the course material.

The Campspot Certification program contains a series of modules, and each of those modules contains a group of lessons, most of which take anywhere from 3 to 7 minutes to complete. The entire course is estimated to take about 4 to 5 hours.

It’s Not Just for Campspot Users

You don’t have to be employed at a campground  using Campspot to take this course. If you’re a Workcamper or seasonal employee and you want to add eye-catching skills and certifications to your resume, this course is for you, too!

Upon completion of each level you’ll receive a certificate and a digital badge that you can put on your resume or add to your LinkedIn profile.

How to Get Started

Sign up for the self-guided course.

Click “sign up” in the upper right hand corner.

And if you are new to talentLMS, the system we’re using to host the course, and need help navigating that tool, this support article can help.

Get Started

New Feature Announcement: Campspot Analytics

Tracking performance and measuring the growth of your business shouldn’t be rocket science, which is why we are excited to introduce Campspot Analytics, our new reporting tool that does the time-consuming math for you.

With Campspot Analytics, Campgrounds can access valuable data in visualized dashboards dedicated to tracking performance, and quickly answer core business questions without needing to download a CSV. Spend less time in spreadsheets and more time making data-driven decisions!


How Campspot Analytics Works

As part of the early access program, campgrounds will receive an email to set up their Campspot Analytics account. Every park gets a FREE seat with the option to buy additional seats. The same applies for groups with multiple parks—there will be one free seat allotted for each park.

Users will have access to a collection of standard dashboards which include:

  • Park Overview – An overview of recent booking trends and active feature statuses 
  • YoY Metric Comparison – An easy view of your park’s Occupancy, Site nights, Revenue, ADR, and RevPAR over the previous year 
  • Operations Summary – An overview of today’s activities at your park including arrivals, departures, and add-ons
  • Campspot Value – A summary of Campspot’s revenue-driving features and the impact they have on your park
  • Occupancy Pace Report – An overview of your park’s occupancy on future dates to help with revenue optimization
  • Portfolio Overview (for businesses with more than one park) – An overview at the organization level of what is happening across your portfolio

New dashboards will be added on a regular basis.

Features and Benefits 

To access the dashboards, all you need to do is log into Campspot Analytics by clicking on the “Campspot Analytics” button on the Reports page within the app. Through these dashboards, parks can track daily activity, compare year-over-year activity on key metrics, watch reservation growth, measure revenue generated by Campspot features, and more. There is even an aggregate report called Portfolio Overview for larger multi-park organizations that want a collective view of the business.

You can also schedule reports to be sent to your inbox on a regular basis or have them sent directly to investors or analysts.

Pulling and analyzing data is often a manual process that takes math, pivot tables, and mental gymnastics to complete. We want to empower Campspot users with the metrics that matter so you can make meaningful and impactful decisions for your business.

Campspot Analytics gives you access to the most important information in a visual and interactive way, which allows you to keep an eye on business trends and core metrics on a regular basis.

And if you ever find yourself missing Monday morning math or wanting to dig deeper into raw data from the spreadsheets, you can still access raw data for download via our comprehensive catalog of CSV reports.

Campspot Analytics Resources

You can find all supporting documentation for Campspot Analytics in our support center.

What to Expect Next

Campspot customers will receive an email invitation for their free seat. If you don’t receive the invite, or if you want to add additional seats, reach out to our customer success team at

If you are interested in learning more about Campspot and whether it’s right for your campground business, contact our sales team


Campspot and Campspot Parks Cross Record-Setting Growth Milestones

Did you see the news? You might have caught us on PR Newswire, Yahoo! Finance, or Woodall’s. Within a twelve month period, from May 2021 to May 2022, Campspot processed over $1B in gross bookings made in camping reservations!

On average, parks using Campspot saw an increase of 17% year over year in sales and the total revenue of parks on Campspot grew by 467% comparing Q1 2022 to Q1 2021. In the same timeframe, traffic to Campspot Marketplace increased by 232%.

And while this growth is all about an increase in camping sales, it’s also an important signal to the larger state of the outdoors industry and culture shifts. More people are turning to the outdoors industry and not just taking a camping trip, but adopting a camping lifestyle. In fact, in the first ever Campspot Outdoor Almanac, we discovered that 96% of campers say camping improves their mental health and nearly 60% seek out connection with others during their camping experiences. For many, camping is a lifeline that not only connects us with nature, but with each other.

That’s why we’re so excited to see this growth. To celebrate, we want to take a moment to pause and thank the campground owners who make incredible camping experiences possible. In 2021 alone, 578,157 Campspot campers booked trips and spent time in the great outdoors because of your work and dedication to delivering an exceptional camping experience.

That’s one heck of a lot of s’mores!

Here to say thanks for all that you do is Campspot CEO, Michael Scheinman.


Get the inside scoop on all things outside. Free download. The Campspot Outdoor Almanac.

New Feature Announcement: Online Cancellations

Campspot is committed to helping campground owners provide a transparent, modern experience to their campground guests that exceeds expectations and drives repeat visits. That’s why we’re stoked to share the platform’s newest feature—Online Cancellations.

Online Cancellations on Campspot

Guests now have the ability to cancel their reservation online at any campground that activates this feature. For a visual walkthrough of how this feature works and how to activate it in Campspot, check out the video below.



More Time, More Revenue, Happier Campers

More Time

When a camper can manage their own reservation to the fullest extent, they no longer have to email or call your campground. This saves time for the camper, but also for you and your management staff.

More Revenue

Transparency is fundamental to meeting a camper’s expectations. A clearly visible and well-articulated cancellation policy allows a camper to read and accept your terms. When they’ve accepted them ahead of time as part of their reservation experience, they know what to expect when they decide to make a change. The associated cancellation fee, then, isn’t a hassle, but an additional service they’ve agreed to pay for in order to have autonomy and flexibility in their camping experience. This fee safeguards your business revenue by ensuring a cancellation does not mean a complete loss of potential earned revenue.

Happier Campers

Campers use your campground for quality time and a chance to escape and relax. The easier it is to manage their visit, and the more their expectations are met, the happier they’ll be. The good news is that most often campers are merely adjusting their trip dates and booking again right away with their new preferences. So, while your business has to manage around their change, you’re still engaging with that camper at a later date.

Meet Camper Expectations

Today’s campers are just like you and me. They’re modern consumers. They order their favorite customized drink ahead of arriving at the cafe with an app. They watch targeted ads (and make impulse buys) on social media based on their most recent actions online. They even pay a monthly fee to have razor blades and shaving cream mailed to their doorsteps.

Today’s consumers have the ability to make a travel reservation online and modify and cancel said reservation from the comfort of their favorite armchair. Campers deserve the same ease. Any campground that enables Online Cancellations on Campspot will allow their campers to quickly make changes on their own without picking up a phone to call the campground.

In order to cancel an existing reservation, guests can:

  1. Sign in
  2. Click their account email and select, “Reservations”
  3. Locate their reservation and select, “View Details”
  4. Click the “Cancel Reservation” button
  5. View a cancellation summary that includes the reservation total as well as the cancellation fee that the park has listed. At the very bottom, guests will see a “Total Refund Due”
  6. Click “Continue” and receive an email where guests must confirm the cancellation in order to complete the process.
  7. That’s it!

Deliver an Exceptional Experience

When campers can manage their reservation quickly and on their own, that positive experience becomes part of their overall perception of your campground, business, and brand. A frictionless reservation process is an important part of their overall impression and when less time is spent on the phone or communicating back and forth about the guest’s desires—more time can be spent going above and beyond for your guests in ways that make their stay truly memorable.

How to Get Started

  1. Ensure your campground cancellation policy is up to date
  2. In Campspot, navigate to Rules > Policy > Cancellation Policy
  3. Activate Online Cancellations in Your Campspot Portal
  4. Scroll to the bottom and toggle the checkmark under Online Cancellations
  5. Click save changes
  6. Get started!

Ready to get going but not sure how to write a cancellation policy?

Read Next: How to Write an Online Cancellation Policy for Campgrounds 

Please reach out to your success manager or support with any questions. Log in now to enable online cancellations today.


Ellie Burke is the content & SEO manager at Campspot. Raised in the Finger Lakes region of western New York, she lives for all things family, food, farming, and wide open spaces. Connect with her on Instagram @ellieburkebooks.

A Look Ahead at 2022 With Campspot

When we asked Campspot’s leadership team the key phrases they had in mind when they thought of the year ahead, we heard, “make things easier for our customers,” “grow our organization while maintaining a standard of excellence” and “feature utilization.” Here at Campspot, we’re committed to making 2022 our customers’ best year yet. To learn more about what areas we’re excited to tackle, join us as we dive into conversations with Matt, Manager of Customer Success; Bryan, Director of Operations; and Casey, Director of Business Development.

Interview with Matt, Manager of Customer Success

For many parks, Matt is a familiar face to Campspot. Working closely with our success manager and implementation team, Matt helps the onboarding process and in-and-outs run smoothly. What you may not know is that one of Matt’s favorite places to camp is in the Florida Keys around the spring or fall and that he loves saltwater fishing. Tent camping or cabin stay experiences are his preferred way to stay and he often uses Campspot’s Marketplace to explore new camping options.

Ancillary Income Growth

When asked what he would predict for 2022 he stated, “Ancillary income for parks will continue to grow and become a larger percentage of their total revenue.” This year promises more revenue growth opportunities with further add-on amenities, reservation optimization, and features releases on the horizon!

Park Ownership Transitions

2021 also brought a trend of park transitions. Many have found the revenue potential of the camping industry and have purchased new parks while those looking for retirement have sold parks in the last year. In observance of this trend, Matt stated, “Property values continue to increase and we will continue to see a lot of campground sales. Many of these sales are going to ownership groups who already have an established portfolio on Campspot.”

He went on to comment, “My team works with many of those groups to streamline the transition process both for the owner departing and the new owner taking on that location to continue it with our system.” The experienced success team is confident in boarding new parks, supporting existing users, and offering suggestions to make the most of Campspot’s reservation software. This diverse experience and skill set make them a valuable asset to anyone partnering with us.


Interview with Bryan, Director of Operations

Bryan joined our team in 2021 and it is no surprise his phrase of choice for 2022 was, “Make things easier for our customers.” In this last year, he worked tirelessly to implement processes that streamline the onboarding experience and identify features that parks would benefit from. What you may not know is that Bryan lives on the West coast and enjoys backpacking Jade Lake in the Alpine Lakes Wilderness area of Washington state.

Empowering Campground Owners

In 2022, Bryan is looking forward to completing work that empowers customers. He went on to state, “With improvements to features, self-service guides, tools, webinars and more customers should be better equipped than ever before to handle tasks themselves within Campspot that would previously require a phone call or email to our support team. This will be a big shift compared to previous years.” The camping industry has grown so much and it is important that parks feel fully equipped to handle the increased demand.

Scalable Reporting

Bryan also commented on the differences in reporting as it relates to individually owned parks and multi-park groups. He stated, “As an example, the same types of reporting on Campspot that are great for individual parks aren’t great if you are trying to review for several parks at once.” As we look forward to 2022 from a product development standpoint, we are focused on designing scalable solutions for parks to ensure all sizes are well supported.


Interview with Casey, Director of Business Development

Casey, the Director of Business Development is a familiar voice in the industry. Leading our sales team, his focus is “grow our organization while maintaining a standard of excellence” as it pertains to our partners.

Investments in Technology

Casey said, “I think in 2022, more and more parks will realize how much technology can help their day-to-day. The camping industry is poised for another record year—something as simple as taking online reservations will become more relevant to more campgrounds since their phones will be ringing off the hook.”

Record Growth

With the recent years of growth, not only have online reservations been a time saver but a necessity. In the same spirit of growth, Casey went on to state, “I predict another record year for many campgrounds. Advanced reservations are up, dynamic rules are in place, and parks are starting to embrace lock fees. Campground owners will take advantage of all the interest and make more revenue than ever.”

As many are familiar with Casey from a sales perspective you may not realize that growth is an active theme in his own life. Casey was able to climb his first 14K mountain in 2021 and hopes to exceed that feat in 2022.

With a brief look ahead at the year to come, Campspot realizes the growth and transitions that parks are experiencing. With this growth, we look forward to providing new revenue opportunities with the dependability and trust you have counted on. With a brief moment to pause, we can celebrate the milestones of 2021 and strive to serve our partners with excellence in the rest of the year to come. Cheers to all that’s ahead!

Just Announced—The Annual Campspot Awards

We’re kicking this new year off with a new initiative—the annual Campspot Awards.

At Campspot, we’re so thankful to partner with amazing campgrounds working to connect people with the outdoors and facilitate memorable experiences. To celebrate our partners and connect them with more campers, Campspot joined forces with a panel of outdoors industry professionals to identify top campgrounds across the country.

The Vision for the Campspot Awards

The mission of the awards is to recognize excellence in the campground industry and elevate businesses leading the way in important aspects such as top destinations, camper experience, unique offerings, and design. It’s our hope that the awards can not only serve as an annual moment of reflection but also as a signal to campers that speaks to a park’s high level of excellence and commitment to camper experience.

The Selection Process

To be eligible for a Campspot Award in most categories, campgrounds needed to be a Campspot Marketplace customer by October 1, 2021. Depending on the category, we used specific criteria, campsite bookings, and public park data to create shortlists which were then presented to our 2022 Campspot Awards panelists.

See the Full List of 2022 Award Winners

The Campspot Awards Categories

The 2022 Campspot Awards features organizations in seven categories.

Top Campgrounds in the USA

Angel Fire RV Resort. The entrance of a timber-framed building with a fire pit in front of it.
Angel Fire RV Resort – Angel Fire, NM

To create a shortlist for Top Campgrounds in the USA we looked at the popularity of a campground, reviews, amenities, and location to curate a list of contenders for our panelists to rank.

See More Top Campgrounds

Most Popular Campgrounds in the USA

An RV site surrounded by redwood trees at Santa Cruz Redwoods RV Resort
Santa Cruz Redwoods RV Resort – Felton, CA

To find our most popular parks, we looked at camper searches, Marketplace bookings, Marketplace favoriting, reviews, and photos to determine our most popular parks.

See More Popular Campgrounds

Top Campgrounds for Families

Two children sit on the steps of a cabin at Yogi Bear Jellystone Park Golden Valley
Yogi Bear’s Jellystone Park: Golden Valley – Bostic, NC

To select winners, we created a shortlist of campgrounds with the most kid-friendly amenities, variety of accommodations, and history of being popular with families and then had our panel vote for their winners.

See More Top Campgrounds for Families 

Top Campgrounds with a View

An aerial photo of Yellowstone Hot Springs campground. The campground is near a river with mountains on either side.
Yellowstone Hot Springs – Gardiner, MT

In this category, we looked at campgrounds that boast incredible views directly from their campgrounds and individual sites. After creating our shortlist, we had our panel vote for the winners.

See More Top Campgrounds With a View 

Top Campgrounds for First-Timers

RVs parked along a bay of water at Sun Outdoors Rehoboth Bay.
Sun Outdoors Rehoboth Bay-Millsboro, DE

To select finalists in this category, we identified campgrounds that provided amenities sure to make life easier for a first-time camper. Stores, cabins, and concrete pads are examples popular with first-timers. After creating our shortlist, we had our panelists vote on who they would recommend most for first-time campers.

See More Top-Campgrounds For First-Timers

Top Camping Sites

A picnic table overlooks a lake surrounded by trees at Yogi Bear Jellystone Park Lakes Region
Yogi Bear’s Jellystone Park Lakes Region – Waterfront Premium Site

These sites have something special going on. To curate our list, we looked at our most popular sites and selected the ones that stood out to us—each for their own reason. From our shortlist, our panelists voted for their favorites.

See More Top Camping Sites

Top Campground Design

Two people stand on the balcony of a lodging site with RVs in the background at Cava Robles RV resort
Cava Robles RV Resort – Paso Robles, CA

Some campgrounds go above and beyond when it comes to design and aesthetic. To create our shortlist, we looked at campgrounds with interesting layouts, interior design, artwork, stores, and other experiences on the property. Our panelists then ranked our shortlist.

See More Top Design Campgrounds

The 2022 Campspot Award Winners

Be sure to explore the full list of campgrounds to check out all of the incredible winners. Here’s what two campgrounds had to say about receiving this distinction:

“We are beyond thrilled for the recognition of Top Campground and Top Design for 2021!

“A sincere thank you goes to the panel of outdoor industry professionals, outdoor influencers, & CEOs of RV and camping based businesses, for recognizing Elkamp. Thank you to CampSpot! Your user friendly reservation platform, combined with responsive customer service support, helps to make the all around camping experience the best in the industry. Most of all, thank you to our customers! We’ve been honored to serve you and look forward to many more years of fun, friendship, and memorable camping experiences here at Elkamp!”

— Brian and Tom, Owners at Elkamp Eastcreek 

“It’s so rewarding as owners to be recognized for the very features we spent timeless hours working on and aimed to stand out for. And to receive these accolades in just a little over a year of being open is incredibly humbling. It reaffirms that an RV park like Dark Sky is what travelers are seeking!”

— Britt Roth, Owner/Host at Dark Sky RV Campground


We’re thrilled to embark on this new annual celebration. Please join us in congratulating this year’s winners and lifting them up as shining examples. We can’t wait for another year of time well-spent outdoors and finding new favorite Campspots.

Get to Know Campspot’s Team & Reservation System

What’s all the buzz about Campspot? Read on to learn who we are, what we offer, and why we’re on a mission.

Who We Are

We are a motivated team of outdoor enthusiasts and tech professionals with decades of combined experience in the campground management industry. Most importantly, we know how hard you work and we’re here to help. Our mission is to provide our customers with the online tools needed to easily grow their businesses and deliver their guests the highest quality of service. Campspot is headquartered in Grand Rapids Michigan, and our software development teams are based in Denver and Chicago. We’re especially proud to work with so many park owners, managers, and staff who are outspoken on our behalf. We’ve built more than just a customer base: We’ve built a family of dedicated partners that we love serving.



What We Offer

Campspot is setting the standard for what an all-in-one campground management and reservation software can be. We know our software fills in many gaps where traditional online booking systems falter. Literally, Campspot includes an algorithm that optimizes to fill your reservation grid. Gone are the days where you have to turn down a two-night guest reservation because it can’t fit into the one-night slot you have left. In other words, Campspot does the shifting automatically so you can stop playing the un-fun version of Tetris.

Our workflow also gives administrators multiple opportunities to maximize revenue. Take our optional lock site feature for example: 95% of campers surveyed want to choose their location. If you don’t have a feature built into your reservation system to accommodate this demand at a nominal price, you’re missing out nearly effortless revenue. In 2019, 47% of booked sites were locked through Campspot to the pure benefit of campers and owners alike.


And let’s not forget dynamic pricing — the once elusive term that has recently become the industry’s hot topic. Let’s demystify this. Hotels, restaurants, and other related sectors have capitalized on demand-based and time-specific pricing for years. While our industry at large lags behind, Campspot makes it easy to test and explore the many bottom line benefits of using dynamic pricing at your own pace.

We believe in customizable products that make your job easier, not harder. That’s why Campspot’s business rules are the most flexible, and they are set up by you through our intuitive interface — with access to unlimited customer support, of course. It’s very important to us that you feel empowered to use Campspot to grow your business, rather than adding one more chore to your to-do list. When you come onboard with us, we don’t leave you in the dark even for a moment. Our support team is second to none. We also guarantee an increase in your park’s revenue, or our software is free.

Why We’re on a Mission

Campspot was designed and built by campground owners for campground owners. This is because our founders saw a tremendous need to operate their multi-parks more efficiently. A huge component of this efficiency is undoubtedly a park’s chosen reservation system. Therefore, our team sought to streamline and modernize the core concept of what an online reservation system could offer and look like. One of the greatest hallmarks of our software is the sleek customer booking experience, in addition to the many intentional backend features built to help parks succeed.



We recognize it can be a big decision to go from pencil and paper to taking online reservations, period. Trust us, your livelihood is inextricably tied in with ours. We’re here to make the tough decisions lighter and your peace of mind greater. No matter what system or method of booking you’re coming from, Campspot has you covered every step of the way. Learn how today by scheduling your free demo at

ARVC’s 2019 OHCE Recap

Our team had a blast at ARVC’s 2019 Outdoor Hospitality Conference & Expo last week in Knoxville. It was wonderful meeting so many current customers in person and introducing Campspot’s revolutionary software to new friends.


Here are a few key learnings from the conference:

Dynamic Pricing Pays Off

The concept of dynamic pricing was a hot topic this year at OHCE. Dynamic pricing means varying the price for your products or services to reflect changing market conditions, such as charging more for a coveted campsite during peak season. This is a staple practice of the hotel industry, and more campground owners are starting to demand this feature from their reservation software. During the dynamic pricing session led by Heather Blankenship — owner of Yogi Bear’s Jellystone Park™ of Pigeon Forge and Campspot customer — she told attendees that her park grew 55% in the first year using dynamic pricing. Campspot is proud to have offered dynamic pricing since day one. While it may seem like just a buzzword or a scary change in your pricing model, you only stand to gain by using this feature.

Embrace Generational Differences

Wednesday’s lunchtime keynote speaker Matt Havens taught us a lot about generational differences in the workplace. He walked us through the definitions of each generation, from Baby Boomers to Gen Z. Then, he proceeded to throw out those definitions and comically categorize everyone in the room as either a “Young Person” or an “Old Person” based on a ten-question group quiz. As more generations than ever before meld in office settings, Matt taught us to challenge our assumptions, change our attitudes, and work better together.

Business Is Booming

According to ARVC, OHCE saw a 40% increase in attendees compared to 2018 and a 22% increase in vendors — including 35% being completely new vendors. The large increase in vendor and customer attendance this year speaks to the huge growth in the camping and RV industry. We were slammed throughout the conference and happy. More options in the marketplace means consumers should be extra vigilant about the value they’re getting for their money, whether that’s purchasing software for the first time or stocking up on camp store supplies. It’s important to compare features and offerings to truly understand your best option, which as you know for campground management software is Campspot